Labour’s better plan for prosperity

Labour’s better plan for prosperity


People across Britain want to see a country in which living standards are rising, the next generation is better off than the last, and where we are getting down the deficit – but the Tories’ plan is failing. Continuing with their plan would mean carrying on with an economy that only works for a handful of people at the top. Labour has a better plan because we believe the economy must succeed for working families if Britain as a whole is going to succeed.

Today, Labour is publishing our better plan for prosperity, so that business and working families can flourish together. We will:

  • Back small businesses and new entrepreneurs who will provide the growth and jobs of the future

  • Back our biggest exporters which need certainty to invest, staying in a reformed EU and not taking risks with our membership

  • Guarantee every school leaver who gets the right grades an apprenticeship, just as people with good A-levels have a de facto right to go to university

  • Back every sector of the economy by ensuring the public sector plays an active part in driving up productivity

  • Back our big employing sectors such as retail and social care by tackling undercutting, with firms coming together to raise productivity and standards.